• We Are The Definition of Events

  • We Are The Definition of Events

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"We believe we can make a difference in society."

Educating The World.

We deem education as an integral part in any individual’s life. As such, every of our show would feature an “Educational Corner” depicting the nature of the industry to educate students and adults alike. Educational institutes, polytechnics and technical universities students are usually invited also to visit the show with their lecturers to further understand the industry at a designated time slot. They are also given huge rebates should they wish to exhibit in an event relevant to their industry.

Helping The Underprivileged.

We stretch out our hands to charity organizations and independent social welfare centers to provide them with support in their fund raising activities. This can come in the form of direct financial contributions, or operational and marketing support for their events.

Thinking For The Environment.

We firmly believe in the need for a balanced environment and we do our utmost to help “Green” campaigners or non-profit organizations by providing them with various marketing platforms to aid them in their relentless quest.

“Thinking out of the box for a better future, a better world.”
Mike R.
Country Director
Asiafireworks Trade Media Pvt Ltd. (India)

“Seeing them smile make my heart warm.”
Assistant Editor
Fireworks Business Information (FBI) Indonesia

“A little help goes a long way.”
Putri Marantika
Project Executive
PT Fireworks Indonesia

“We give back to the society in little ways.”
Kanyarat Phakdee-ngam
Project Manager
QuikFairs Thailand

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